HTCR-Services provides human tissue-based products and services for medical research

Founded in 2002 as a spin-off from the University of Regensburg, HTCR-Services offers human tissue-based products and services for medical research and drug development across Europe.

With access to a network of hospitals and leading surgeons, HTCR-Services provides a broad range of diseased or normal tissues accelerating the discovery of new disease-related markers and molecular diagnostics, target validation programs and development of new drugs and treatment options.


Since 2002

HTCR-Services offers freshly-isolated primary human hepatocytes purified with optimized methods that result in high cell viability and purity. Primary hepatocytes are widely considered to be the most similar to in vivo hepatocytes. For researchers in the EU or Switzerland, our isolated hepatocytes can be shipped overnight immediately after isolation for your experiments starting the next morning. In addition, researchers can opt for accompanying donor data when required for their studies. All our collections are carried out after written informed consent following protocols approved by IRBs.

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    Our collaborating BioBanks maintain human tissue repositories of more than 40,000 samples from 4,000 donors. Tissue samples from over 600 consented donors are collected annually, mostly with oncological Read more

    We collect human tissues and/or the biological fluids from the same donor to meet the research requirements of our customers. The samples and/or cells can be provided freshly-collected or in multiple preserved formats according customer specifications.... read more
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    Moving drugs from bench to bedside involves extensive characterization for safety and efficacy in pre-clinical studies using human-based cellular systems and animal models. However inadequate representation of the human tissue environment in pre-clinical models results in poorly validated therapeutic targets and inaccurate predictions of the drug candidate’s effects on humans. Resulting typically in high failure rate in clinical trials... read more